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Are You Missing Out on the Power of Prayer?

Are You Missing Out on the Power of Prayer?

By Danielle Fetherson


I was five years old when I was first convinced of the power of prayer. After spending a summer with an uncle who was in his early teens, he convinced me that whether I lived through the night was determined by the whims of a host of monsters. Each time I would tell a lie, a new monster would join the legion of assassins assigned to me. At any time they could come for me during the night, and the only warning I would have of their arrival is the ringing of three bells.


Looking back, of course I realize how foolish it was, but at the time I believed my life was truly in danger I immediately stopped lying about anything and put off going to bed. When I finally went to bed my heart would pound like african drums, my breathing would be labored, my mind would race and if I ever went to sleep it was only from pure exhaustion. If you’ve ever had a worry on your mind that has kept you up at night, then you too know very well what I was experiencing. I went through this for a couple weeks before I decided that I’d had enough of living in fear.

By this age I had memorized a prayer my grandfather taught me as the, “Our Father Prayer,” and I made a deal with God that if I made it to the end of the prayer before I heard the three bells announcing the arrival of these monsters, then it was God’s job to protect me. The very first night I used prayer as a defense, was the first night I fell asleep quickly and slept in perfect peace. After a while my fear of those monsters completely disappeared and I went on living the carefree life of a child knowing that lying wasn’t good and that as long as I truly repented and stayed connected to God that He would protect me.

Prayer Is A Privilege

Prayer is not a requirement for Believers to go to heaven, but it is a privilege that invites God into our daily situation. My monstrous situation as five year old sounds silly now, but my reaction to it was just as real as the reactions that many Believers have today to monstrous situations like being fired, getting a negative doctor’s report or having a family crisis. As my relationship with God has grown, I’ve also learned that no matter how monstrous a situation may seem, it is just as easy for God to show up and show out and give me, His child, a victory now as it was when I was a scared five year old girl. If you have made your confession of faith and you know that you too are His child, then there is no reason to think that He will do anything less for you.

If you need God to show up in your life, then each service you have the opportunity to have a member of the ministerial team to pray in agreement with you. Simply being a member of Truth and Fellowship Global Outreach Ministry (TFGOM) means that Dr. Briggs and other ministers are constantly in prayer for you. Considering how prayers from TFGOM have a track record of helping people out of financial bondage, critical sicknesses, family feuds and even self-esteem crises, these are prayers you want to have said on your behalf. So take advantage of these weekly prayer opportunities to don’t pass up on additional prayer service invitations.


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