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What Is On Your List of Nevers?

What Is On Your List of Nevers?

By Danielle Fetherson

I’ve heard people casually say things like they’d never get on a plane, never eat sushi or a number of things they find too far outside of their comfort zone to explore. A list of nevers like this can put a limit on what you will experience in your life, but what if you could strategically develop a list of nevers that could limit your life experiences with the negative things in your life that you definitely do not want to have?

Your Nevers Make Areas of Your Life Off Limits

Dr. Briggs teaches us that words of faith that line up with God’s will for our lives as outlined in His Word-the Bible-that those words demonstrate our faith to God and puts limits on what the enemy can do in our lives. Some of the examples Pastor gave us include:

  • Never will I deal with attacks in my finances.

  • Never will I have another attack on my health.

  • Never will I have another attack on my family.

Each of these nevers is a declaration that announces something to yourself about what you are willing to accept while announcing to the enemy something that is off limits. It becomes a law. Your final word becomes the final word in any situation you are in, so if you say, “Any battle I’m in, I always win.”

Before I learned this principle, I would always say that I would never fall the same way twice. Because this was before I heard Pastor explain how our declaration of nevers work, I didn’t realize how this law limits the enemy’s ability to attack me, but I fully embraced how the statement challenges me to learn from my past experiences and look for ways to make wiser choices in the future. What I love about what Pastor teaches is that it takes my understanding of nevers up a notch by putting entire categories of circumstances in the never category so that I never even have to deal with them to allow them the opportunity to cause me to fall.

With this new understanding of how declarations of nevers work, here are a few specific nevers I’ve created for my life that are inspired by the examples Dr. Briggs gave us:

  • Never will I allow myself or others to treat me as anything less than the woman God’s Word declares me to be.

  • Never will I allow thoughts that are contrary to God’s Word rule my mind or dictate my words or actions.

  • Never will I deal with anything that is not like God in my relationships with my family and friends.

What Are Your Nevers?

You have the right to choose what you will never deal with, but know that simply creating a list of nevers is not enough. The enemy will still try you in the areas your nevers cover, so it is up to you to stand in faith and keep speaking them out loud and declaring them over your life. Learn more about how to create your list of nevers by getting your copy of the “Voice Activated” when you come to service or by calling the church at 843-767-8855.

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