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Your Getting-Nowhere-Fast Rut Remedy

Your Getting-Nowhere-Fast Rut Remedy

By Danielle Fetherson

No one wants to be around a cantankerous, do-nothing, going-nowhere person. If I trusted my memory to accurately remember exactly how my pastor-Dr. Johnathan Briggs-said that in a sermon years ago, I would have put that in quotation marks.  I may not remember exactly how he said it, but the impact of his message has stuck with me to this day. In my mind, the only thing worse than being around this person who talks about the same things day-after-day and never seems to improve their situation is being that person.

Face. Trace. Erase. Replace.

Change is not something that is easily or readily welcomed by most people, but if we are going to deal with change it is usually easier when we are the ones introducing change into our lives. One way to do it is to face, trace, erase and replace the things in our life that we want to change. So if you want to get out of a going-nowhere-fast rut in your spiritual life, career, social life, finances, physical health, emotions or even in your physical living or working environment, then it is probably time for you to face, trace, erase and replace the things that are limiting your growth.

How do you identify the things you need to face, trace, erase and replace? Well, Dr. Briggs has always said that more is caught then taught, so if you’re bold enough to come to the TFGOM corporate office on a Monday, then you’ll see how the church uses face, trace, erase and replace on a corporate level as an example of what you can do in your life on a personal level.

Your Monday Morning Kickoff-Style Rut Remedy

Each Monday, Dr. Briggs gathers the staff, and any church volunteers, members or even visitors who are willing to discuss the past week’s church services and special events and talk about upcoming special events and weekly services. Dr. Briggs leads the group through each event and asks everyone present to weigh in on what went well and what could of been done better.

When we find something that went well, Dr. Briggs encourages the persons involved in the activity to be applauded or even rewarded in some way. When we hit on something that needs to be improved, he opens up the floor to suggested solutions and after everyone says their part, he may ask the room to vote on solutions before making a final decision and giving a course of action to improve the activity in the next event. In this case, the Monday Morning Kickoff after the change goes into effect will discuss how effective the change was.

If you are in a rut in any area of your life, call the corporate office at 843-767-8855 to find out when the next Monday Morning Kickoff (MMK) is so you can experience this unique rut remedy in action. Whether you decide to face, trace, erase and replace on your own using a MMK-style thorough line of questioning or inviting people you know and trust to give you feedback, your rut should gradually give way into a new area of growth just like TFGOM uses MMK to grow.

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