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Increase, Prosperity and Success are God's

Increase, Prosperity and Success are God’s

By Danielle Fetherson

Every serious presidential candidate knows that voters want to hear a plan for how the candidate plans to help them increase, prosper and live successful lives. Competition among colleges and other job training programs is so stiff that they use stories and statistics about the success of past students to encourage potential students to enroll. Professional sport teams, our nation’s military branches, businesses of all sizes and even non-profit organizations recruit new talent by promising varying degrees of increase, prosperity and success through scholarships, salaries, the use of vehicles and expense accounts and even offering to pay off debt-especially student loan debt-in exchange for service.

We hear about talk of increase, prosperity and success all around us, but how often have you thought about their place in your relationship with God?

 God Wants You to Increase, Prosper and Have Success

In the beginning, God created a garden that was designed to provide all the food, shelter, work and enjoyment that Adam and Eve would ever need and then command the two to prosper (Gen. 1-2). After their actions caused them to be cast out of the garden and wickedness filled the earth to the extent that God used Noah and his ark to preserve a faithful remnant, we saw God promise not to destroy the earth this way again and command him and his family to be fruitful and multiply (Gen. 9). These are words that are similar to telling them to increase, be prosperous and successful. Later we hear God tell Abram, who would later be known as Abraham, that his descendants would increase beyond the number of the stars of the sky or the number of grains of sand on the ocean (Gen. 12-13). I could go on and on pointing out how God has proven that it is His will for His people to increase, prosper and succeed, but I am confident you are starting to see the pattern already.

 Church Helps You Increase, Prosper and Have Success

The real reason we go to church is to learn God’s Word-there are several unpacked lessons in the examples listed above that having a pastor will help you understand. When we learn His Word, we are also learning His language and how He operates. When we learn His language, we will recognize when He speaks. When we respond to what He says, we are being obedient, and as Dr. Briggs has been explaining in his series about the principle of reciprocity, on the other side of our obedience is increase.

 As Believers, we don’t have to rely on any candidate, college, job training program, or job to live a great quality of life. All we have to do is stay connected to our local church and open ourselves up to the lessons we learn there. If you really want to jumpstart your pursuit of increase, prosperity and success using God’s plan,then click here to learn more about Dr. Briggs’ “Organize It: Your Faith Approach to Success This Year.”

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