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Dear Global Partner;

In 1997, Subrena and I were encountering a major upset in our marriage, whereby she had gotten to a place where she wanted to separate. We went on a journey with my mother and they both began to express how miserable they were as a result of me and the way I was handling the structure of the family and getting along with the family members. It was no surprise, nevertheless I never thought it would come to the place that my own wife and mother thought it would be best for possible separation. The agreement was made that I would go and get help. One morning while getting ready for work, I encounter the ministry of Bishop Hilliard who was at that time Dr. Hilliard television broadcast called “Changing Lives Through Faith”. I heard this voice say to me to go and visit this man, he would be the wisdom that God would help me to bring change in my marriage. On July 15, 1997, I visited Bishop I.V. Hilliard and he took 45 minutes of his time to talk with me in reference to why I was doing the things I was doing and causing havoc and rage in my marriage. Well to fast track this true testimony, I began to apply his principles and the things that he told me. I am here to testify 26 years later Subrena and I are still together.

This story is not one only to share with you the importance of having someone in your life to bring you wisdom or having information that can bring about change in your life even in dark days, but it is also to express how committed I am to the ministry of television. It was through his television broadcast that deliverance came for me. In today’s society it is clear and is a true statement that the gospel can be preached throughout the world. There are so many different avenues since 1997 which holds great potential to not only spreading the gospel but changing the lives of people who may be going through what I went through in 1997.

I am writing you this letter to express desire for your partnership in this new venture in ministry called Global Missions. Global Missions is an outreach commitment of Truth and Fellowship Global Outreach Ministry to provide information and support to MAXLIFE Show, radio and programs sponsored by Bishop I.V. and Pastor Bridget Hilliard. This support may be in the form of prayer, time and even finances. You know the bible says that whatever you make happen for others God will make happen for you. Scripture tells us that when opportunities come that we may be able to assist others in ministry it’s not that the one who expose you to the opportunity is looking for a gift but to give you the opportunity to partner through your gifts that it may be a plus in your account. As a result of Subrena and I getting our marriage back on track, we will never know the total number of lives that have been changed for the better. So it is with this Global Mission outreach commitment we, as Truth and Fellowship Global Outreach Ministry partners, are making. We will never know the total number of lives that will be changed, but we know that we are partnering to share the gospel and information that can cause people to live a better quality of life and that God will credit each one of those lives to our account.

As a Truth and Fellowship Global Outreach Ministry partner, I am asking you to join the movement of putting this outreach commitment in action by regularly tuning in to MAXLIFE show and consistently sowing seed into the fertile ground of this media ministry. MAXLIFE has a one hour program that airs daily at 11 AM (CST) and a two hour program that airs daily at 6 PM (CST). You can tune in either by watching Impact Network on your Dish Network or by going online to www.maxlifetv.org.

Starting March 4th-8th, MAXLIFE Show will kick off their telethon. I am asking at least 200 of my members to be a part of this Global Mission Outreach. Several things I want you to do, first, make a conscious purpose to be a part of the viewing audience via internet or television. Secondly, to sew a special seed during the telethon of $20 or more, or like I always say do your very best.   If you feel led by the Spirit to sow a gift into the telethon, it will be greatly appreciated. The third part of my commitment action request is that on the 20th of each month, you can start in March, by sowing at least $10 or do your very best. If each of us consistently sow $10 each month we can make a big impact on MAXLIFE Show and Bishop I.V. Hilliard. And we also know that when we give our seed an assignment and sow it in faith into fertile ground, like MAXLIFE Show which is the contemporary version of the television show that saved my marriage and put me on the path to starting the ministry that you partner with today, that we will receive our desired harvest.

I thank you so very much for all you have done and for allowing me to lead you into great victories like the Global Mission. I believe that this is another opportunity for God to raise our church to another level. Don't forget that MAXLIFE Show has a one hour program that airs at 11 AM (CST) and a two hour program that airs 6 PM (CST) on the Impact Network and online at www.maxlifetv.org.

Remember that lack is destroyed in your life and God is bringing you up out of your place of affliction to a good land and you will not leave out empty handed. This years is the year that Promises and Prophecy are fulfilled in your life. Let's get it.


God bless you,

Dr. Briggs



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